Workers creed for April-VIRTUE
Virtue has been defined as an habitual and firm disposition to do good. When you want to perform good deeds and want to give the best of yourself, you are said to be virtuous. This month, let us all perform at our best. Let us give a random act of kindness. 

A person with virtue displays wisdom courage kindness good manners courtesy modesty generosity and self control.  Be wise to consider these virtuous traits.

How to achieve virtue:
1. Do one good deed and repeat it over and over. It is said that if you do the same thing everyday for 21 days, it would be part of you. 1Tim 4:7

2. Another way is to follow good examples of others in good deeds. Who is your mentor or your disciplers. You may want to emulate him or her in doing good. 2 Tim 2:2 
1 Cor 11:1; Phil 3:12

3. You can also gain virtue by allowing God to breathe into you. God can infuse into you divine virtue but you have to ask Him to increase your faith(belief)Mark 9:24; enable your hope (Jer 29:11) and increase your ability to love others, Zech 8:17; Lev 19:18 and above all grant you wisdom Prov 4:7; James 1:5-6

As you step into this month of Approval, seek to do good and add virtue in all your acts. May you be endued with power. Amen.


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