6. God has a purpose for your life. He sent u to the world for a purpose. You are here today for a purpose.

So what's God purpose for my life?: it's difficult because, purpose differs - Ex 17:8-13...children of Amalek attacked the children of Israel...Aaron and Hur.

They made him comfortable, make Pastor comfortable...Moses sat down etc...they were late starters but they were true to the end; till the battle was won.

The team won the battle. You have your own role to play for the army of God to win. Men of God also need encouragers.

7. For every child of God there are 5 certain and common assurances for them all:
a, it's a good one; Jer 29:11 ;

b; Eph 1:10-12...God wants his name to be glorified through u so u can praise him for ever. Royal priesthood ...

c;John 15:16....I chose you

1. to bring forth fruit - 
2. you have a fruitful life not a useless life.
3. He also want all your prayers answered.

d. Gen 12:1-3...blessings of Abraham - they are ours too.

7 original blessings of Abraham
1.  A great nation, 2.bless u, great, 4.shall be a blessing, 5.bless those who bless u and 6.curse those who curse you. 7.Thru u all nations are blessed. Abraham had no child at this time. Number 4, it's the greatest-To be a blessing to others is the greatest blessing one can have. Don't always receive, be a blessing too. For example..Share Jesus Christ with someone else.

8. There is no evil force that can frustrate Gods purpose for your life . No group of people can frustrtae you. Isaiah 14:24-27. Prov 19:21...counsel of the Lord shall stand...Joseph is a good example. When the enemy thinks they are pushing u, they are preparing you for a push-up

God will work out a purpose for your life in his own mysterious way. Joseph is a good example . Naaman was used as an example that Gods general are superior to secular general ... remember the little maid too. A witness concerning the power of God. No record of any healed leper before then.

9. The only one who can frustrate Gods purpose for your life is you. I Sam 2:27-36 Eli...stand before me continually ...Joseph refused Potiphar's wife. Because he knew he was bound for rulership and the palace. Be holy ...dont mess up your own life.

10. Romans 8:28-31...all things work together for good including disappointments...Ephraim and Manasseh was the first born. Gen 48:  Deut 33:17...Ephraim was blessed ten thousand times, but his brother thousand times. But he forgot God. He got the blessings and kept it to himself. Mannaseh started blessing the almighty God. Hosea 4:17... Ephraim has joined himself to idols leave him alone ....Ephraim shall become a desolation. Dan's name was removed. God restores Manasseh- his name came before Joseph. Judas has gone to his own place


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